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Some of Our Past Events

Check Out a Few of Our Clients


(This client list is not all inclusive)

McCall Diversified Enterprises (MDE) strives to create unique, quality, well planned, and strategically executed events. With a diverse clientele, we aim to customize events to the client's specifications and budget. No event is too small, or too big. Our goal is to make each event a masterpiece that is a reflection of the client's vision.

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Ray at Table.jpg

"Iced Royalty" Wedding

Tallahassee, Florida

If you can dream it, we can think it and make it happen for you! MDE's Event Manager and Decor Specialist will bring your creative vision to fruition. This photo of "Iced Royalty" is from one of our weddings for a client in Tallahassee, Florida. Careful attention is paid to every detail...such as location, theme, lightening, colors, centerpieces, linens, chairs and table settings.

LMP Fundraiser 2.jpg

NFL Baltimore Raven's

Ray Lewis'

Retirement Party

High Profile Event

McCall Diversified Enterprises (MDE) had the amazing job of planning a surprise retirement party fit for a future NFL Hall of Famer who had a remarkable 17 year career with the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. The event was an exclusive celebration that included many of the who's who from throughout Mr. Lewis' life and career. It proved to be a picturesque and unforgettable evening to acknowledge and honor his milestones and professional accomplishments.

Vicki wedding.jpeg

Lake Mary Preparatory School - Silent Auction

Fundraiser / Charity Event

There are a variety of special events that MDE has managed that require the same attention to detail and decor as a wedding. This is a photo of a Fundraiser and Silent Auction that MDE managed for Lake Mary Preparatory School during a capital campaign to raise funds for their athletic program. The success of events like this are not measured only in attendance, but also in the funds that are raised. For this event, a unique venue was used, and celebrity guests were procured to create a specific experience for attendees.

70th Birthday Cake_edited_edited.jpg

Annual Florida District Virtual Instruction Program Network, Inc. (FLDVIPN) Symposium

Multiple Day Conference

FLDVIPN, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization established in 2012 to represent the 67 district virtual instruction programs in the state of Florida. Annually, they have a 3-day conference to bring all virtual educators in the state together with vendors and suppliers of products and services that are important to virtual education. The conference provides workshops, presentations, and interactive activities to demonstrate best practices and innovative methods of being successful in the virtual education environment. MDE has been the event management company for the conference since 2014, and Edgenuity (booth pictured below) has been one of many annual sponsors.

Yolanda's Bday Party.jpg


70th Birthday Party

A Family Affair - Fun For All Ages

This 70th birthday celebration was a family event that included several generations, and an array of guests that traveled to attend. MDE planned an event that focused on the birthday girl, incorporating all of her personal favorites (like the color yellow), yet was inclusive of the various age groups that were present. This custom cake was made by our valued vendor Sugar Sugar Cake Boutique.

edgenuity booth.jpg

Becker Lawyers Shareholder Yolanda Cash-Jackson's Destination Birthday Party

Destination Event​ - Bahamas

McCall Diversified Enterprises (MDE) had the honor and privilege of planning and managing the elite destination 60th birthday party for Ms. Cash-Jackson in Eleuthera, Bahamas. MDE worked closely with the client and vendors to make her vision of this 3-day International celebration a reality.

Events: Project
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